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Carrington Sklar's debut album is a heart and soul progressive powerhouse of an LP. Be sure to see his live show - there is something inspiring about how much soul goes into his performance.


- WIredUp -

Rolling in the depths of his musical heart, Carrington Sklar takes the listening world by storm. Fast to get your blood pumping and before you know it, you are singing the chorus to his newest single right along with him with raw flowing emotion.

Touring a city near you with a guitar in his hand and quite possibly his motocross boots still on. This guy's a rebel on the track and behind the mic.  

Freedom in his music is quite representative of how he lives his life..from mx track to ski slope, snowboard to surfboard,  Viper to KTM,  California oceanfront to big city NYC living...Carrington Sklar takes us all on a journey where we live vicariously through him.

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